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Hier, j'ai reçu un bien mystérieux paquet par le postier... À l'intérieur, une boîte de chez Lancôme où trônait ce délicieux parfum Trésor in Love. Une fragrance gagnée au concours qu'organisait la marque il y a quelques temps. Et j'étais comme une petite fille devant ce cadeau spécialement pour moi... C'est toujours bien de gagner des concours!

Yesterday, I received a mysterious package from the postman... Inside, a Lancôme box where sat the sweet perfume Trésor in Love. Fragrance won the contest organized by the brand some time ago. And I was like a little girl before this special gift for me... It's always good to win competitions!

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Vanesa a dit…

Ummmm! wow, congrats! it,s a nice fragance.


ChiccaStyle a dit…

WOW,lucky girl!!!Love this fragrance!

--Sanam-- a dit…

Congrats on winning the competition, and I love the photos you have taken of the perfume :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

lady sélénite a dit…

Je cherche désepérément un nouveau parfum pour l'été, il faudra que j'aille sentir celui-là !

Natalie a dit…

Congratulations! The bottle is so pretty x

Just a Thought

TOPCOAT a dit…

congrats, this truly is a beautiful scent! xx

NLR a dit…

Oh, lucky you!
I love the scent :-)


the nyanzi report a dit…

you lucky thing! it must smell gorgeous. doesn't it?

Jo a dit…

Yay! Congratulations! The bottle is so pretty, I bet it smells amazing!


Sisters and Sisters a dit…

Lukc you! We adoreeee smells!!

H&C from Amsterdam

Steffys Pros and Cons a dit…

i bet it smells delicious!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Ria a dit…

I remember my mom having Trejor when I was a kid, nice to see it's still around with new versions.

The Cat Hag a dit…

Congrats on winning the competition, the bottle looks lovely! :)

The Cat Hag

Rosa Pel a dit…

je ne suis pas fan des parfums mais il doit sentir super bon ! moi j'ai cacharel amor amor pas très terrible mais il me colle bien

Francesca a dit…

lucky you!! maybe you are feeling doubly lucky? if you're interested, feel free to enter my Dior giveaway :) x

Amber Renee a dit…

ohhh don't you just love getting packages? i'm still waiting for so many! the perfume sounds marvelous~

Sisters and Sisters a dit…

we adoreeeee perfume!

H&C from Amsterdam

Anonyme a dit…


Samantha a dit…

thats so cute!wish i was as lucky to recive these parcels and not junk mail aha!
neat blog

Rosa Pel a dit…

oui c'est clair , tu as de la chance il doit sentir très bon

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