hommage. Isabelle Kountoure

Avec son sourire fatal, son 1,80m et ses boucles à la Gilda, Isabelle Kountoure aurait pu être une actrice de haut calibre à Hollywood. Elle a choisi d'être styliste à Londres, sans oublier ses racines à 50% grecques. Au bout de sa ligne d'horizon, Athènes et les îles aux plages secrètes.

With her fateful smile, her 1.80m and her Gilda's curls, Isabelle Kountoure could have been an actress of high caliber in Hollywood. She chose to be stylist in London, without forgetting her 50% Greek roots. At the end of her skyline, Athens and the islands with secluded beaches.

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Vanesa a dit…

Love this looks!


Natalie a dit…

The first look is gorgeous x


The Cat Hag a dit…

She looks so trendy and stylish! :)

The Cat Hag

TOPCOAT a dit…

She is gorgeous, loving her style too! xx

LOCA a dit…


Thanks Thea for you sweet comment on my blog.


Tereza Anton a dit…

Love the first look.

Sisters and Sisters a dit…

what an amazing look!

H&C from Amsterdam

Britt+Whit a dit…

love her style and her hair is flawless

love from San Francisco,

Francesca a dit…

Thank you so much for your amazing comment :) I just finished my last assignment for the semester just then but I still have so much studying to do for exams ahh! Just wanted to sneak in a little comment to you though ^_^ x
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Simona a dit…

that little chanel bag she carries looks really cool! I don´t like small bags but this one is very cute :)

Becca. a dit…

love the first photo, she's stunning!


Scorpion Disco a dit…

her hair is amazing!! great style inspiration.

following your lovely blog now, please check mine too and follow if you like, and enter my watch giveaway.

I look forward to seeing more lovely things on your blog!



Midori. a dit…

quelle belle femme !

Gorgeous Clara a dit…

thanks a lot! I like the first outfit!

tizzylish a dit…

I am a little stunned why you would copy word per word an article on Isabelle Kountoure in French VOUGE for your blog. Don't you have anything original to say?

Kamila Z. a dit…

lovely look ! great pics .


Sisters and Sisters a dit…

amazing love it!

H&C from Amsterdam

Tereza Anton a dit…

Love the first look!

kirstyb a dit…

love her look x

Amber a dit…

She's gorgeous.

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Anonyme a dit…

Love her style and what a beautiful girl. Definitely a style icon.

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