must have f/w 11/12

J'ai fais mes petites recherches, piocher quelques bonnes idées un peu partout, pour repérer les must have de cet automne/hiver... Eh bien, vous ne serez pas déçu(e)s, puisque j'ai là des pièces phares et qui ont déjà eu une belle effervescence la saison dernière, donc le renouveau est au rendez-vous...
Les vêtements incontournables seront la jupe et robe longue, le pantalon carotte, le short en cuir, le slim, le pantalon flare, le pantalon taille haute, la blouse lavallière, le pull Jacquart, la cape, le bombardier, la veste militaire, et le trench coat...
Les chaussures de cet hiver seront les bottes fourrées, les bottines, les richelieu, les derby, les cuissardes et les escarpins...
En matière d'accessoires, ce sera les longs gants, les headbands, les chaussettes hautes et le sac en peau ou en fausse fourrure.

I did my little research, pick some good ideas, to identify the must-have of this autumn/winter... Well, you will not be disappointment, since I have star pieces and have already had a good excitement last season, so the renewal is here...
The clothes will be must are the long skirt and dress, carrot pants, leather short, slim pants, flare pants, high waist pants, ascot blouse, Jacquart sweater, cape, bomber, military jacket, and trench coat...
Shoes of this winter will be fur boots, Richelieu, derby, thigh boots and heels...
In terms of accessories, it will be long gloves, headbands, high socks and skin or faux fur bag.

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Mrs,Ce a dit…

love the outfits! great pictures!

Despina a dit…

i adore these photos!i love them!
ur picks in the fist photo are so boho style!love love love them :)

Benoit a dit…

Merci beaucoup! :)

Steffen a dit…

oh wow! great photographs, i've just bought myself a woolly fringed jumper like the ones in the first image :)


Natalie a dit…

I love all of this! Some great choices x

Mani a dit…

Thank you sooo much for following us!
Amazing selection!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Anonyme a dit…

These pictures are great! So much inspiration. Thank you so much for your comments!


Anonyme a dit…

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

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La Mode En Rose a dit…

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also there's a giveaway open! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

TOPCOAT a dit…

amazing photos, definitely looking forward to this fall's styles! xx

Mónica a dit…

nice pictures! great blog!!
follow you!


Phuong a dit…

beautiful inspiration photos

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V A N E S S A a dit…

What a great seleccion! I agree. The pictures are awesome.

Lovely blog.


kirstyb a dit…

ooooh fabulous inspiration x

Rosa Pel a dit…

nice selection ! i like your blog

PRENA a dit…

Loveee these outfits, great post!

Camille a dit…

i loev this gypsy vibe and its fringes, headbands, camel coloer, etc
i'm also a huge fan of high socks!

Leigh a dit…

love these styles! i am so excited for winter already! you chose great pieces...love all the bags and jackets :)


Stephanie a dit…

me ha encantado el poooooooost!!!!!!
te sigo!!! la verdad esque soy una adicta a las medias altas!! las suelo usar mucho

Sara Louise a dit…

love the fringing and muted tones

Anonyme a dit…

first of all: sorry that I didn't replied! I hadn't time to read all comments but no that I have holiday I'm able to reply all comments..

and secondly...I love this post! especially the first picture!

xx vanessa


erica marie a dit…

So many great outfits...I've always wanted to try the thigh high sock look but my thighs I always feel like my thighs would be too big. I'm think I'm just going to try it anyway this fall when it actually feels good to be covered, these girls look amazing.

Sick by Trend a dit…

totally agree with you! love everything and all the pics are stunning!! :D I'm following! :D

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)



thisladybehaves a dit…

lovely post hon!

Anonyme a dit…

Too soon to think about winter for me, but the I'll always love pictures with Lita's and Dani shoes.

Shellena a dit…

I love capes! Please check out my blog and follow if you like.



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Tea For Two a dit…

I really enjoyed this post - so much to think about and lots of inspiration.

Sarah Whitney a dit…

Oh man, I wish I had every single item in that collage!

TheMadTwins a dit…

great post with inspiring looks! Love the last one very much! The skirt is so pretty!

Stand by me a dit…

I love the outfit and i love this blog.

lauraapriljayne a dit…

loove all these pics:)
you have such an amazing blog:)


mari b. a dit…

i'm truly lovestruck by the boho-like set you put together.
pure wintery perfection!

xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

Elekon a dit…

oh I loved every image, very much my style!, thanks for posting!

Kamila Z. a dit…

damn i dont know what to say. these clothes on the first pic are great but the rest pics ... love love love style like this !


Molto ❤ Fashion a dit…

Wonderful... I love the Navajo-inspired vibe of these clothes.

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson a dit…

amazing blog! love the pictures^^

Chrysa a dit…

Great selection of pictures! They make me get excited about winter clothes, which I am normally not!:)

Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you folowed me back!

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Antonia a dit…

Beautiful pics, but those shoes on the 3rd pic...wooow, fabulous!!


Fabrizia a dit…

Hi! I like this post so much,really great inspiration picture, I like them!!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!


Noesse a dit…

Oh dear, next week I will go to the beach and those pictures are sooo hot! But I love this style!
I follow you, hope you'll do the same :)

dolceedamara a dit…

Amazing pics!
Thanks for sharing.

Grazziella a dit…

Love your selection and your blog!
The pictures of Adele are so AMAZING !! Love her
Please take a look at my blog

Helena a dit…

This pictures are really inspiring...I LOVE IT!!!


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