fashion week f/w 11/12. Christian Dior

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minnja a dit…

amazing collection :)))

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TOPCOAT a dit…

Corky, big, bright.
As much as I dislike Galliano, his magic is missing x

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Lorena a dit…

Great collection!! I love the pics!

Sarita a dit…

Dior isn't the same without John Galliano, I think it was too radical to get fired him. But of course what he said is definetly not acceptable. btw, In a some way this collection doesn't look like a Dior. Too much colors, too playful and theatralic.
I really like this collection, but it's not Dior collection.
That's just my opinion. (:

Morgane Melo a dit…

Thanks for your comment in my blog!! Sure, it's a great season for Dior..And the Haute-couture collection is so amazing too!! Bisette and see you soon :)

Kariyah a dit…

Love the mosaic skirts, the colours, and the sparkles!!!


Anonyme a dit…

wow just found your blog
love it.

theres a new post up, check it you ;-)
would love to have you as a follower

Miss Bias a dit…

Although, I don't particularly like all the silhouettes of this collection, I do LOVE the colour palette.

Miss Bias

Sisters and Sisters a dit…

sooo beautiful! we like it!

H&C from Amsterdam

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