da som lee

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Antonia a dit…

So pretty! Love these pics! :)


blog-a-beauté a dit…

That's great photography!! Especially love the first picture! Where are you based?! If you're based in london I'm looking for a photographer to do some makeup shoots, get back to me at blogabeaute@gmail.com! x

Clara Turbay a dit…

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Raya a dit…

amazing photos!

thea natalie a dit…

Really like the photo with the red nails and hand near the face, great composition.

Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

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Oh my Dior! a dit…

you look really pretty with polka dots¡


Articoli di moda a dit…

Hi !! Your blog is really wonderfull !! And I follow you naturally !
Come to visit mine and follow it if you want...
xo xo

Mitha Komala a dit…

so flawless, awesome from head to toe! i adore the last picture <3 love your blog dear!

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)


Giorgio Schimmenti. a dit…

Love this pics!


Mitha Komala a dit…

thanks dear, keep in touch <3


Angel Garcia a dit…

Amazing pictures.. Love the smoking one!

All the best, ~Angel

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