fashion week s/s 12. Elie Saab PàP

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Lau Figueiredo a dit…

Always love Elie Saab's collections. So elegant and feminine, he really knows how to work the women's body.


The Desert Fox a dit…

wow thanks for sharing this, the collection is just absolutely stunning.


Stella a dit…

Amazing collection!


Antonia a dit…

This collection is....WWWOOOW!!


Setzel a dit…

So beautiful... Thank for posting!

Love, Ed.

PD: eduardocmeza@hotmail.com :D

Anyone who likes chatting

Veronica P. a dit…

pure perfection !

Nina a dit…

amazing dresses & colours;)

chibiwow a dit…

Great collections, I particularly love the blue one. They're all styled to perfection. Genuinely pleasing.
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Style Servings a dit…

Beautiful colours and textures, everything he designs is just so romantic!


Caterina Salvietti a dit…

Hi, really nice blog! :) you’re so stylish!
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What's Next a dit…

it was an amazing show! actually elie saab's style is very similar all the time but i loved to colour scala ;)

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