Je n'ai pas pu résister à cet achat, les mémoires de Christian Dior reliées dans ce superbe livre Christian Dior & Moi.
Mon week-end va se passer sous le signe de la lecture...

I couldn't resist to this purchasethe memories of Christian Dior in this superb book Christian Dior & Moi.
My weekend is going to happen in reading ...

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Malá Nika a dit…

I love Karl! I must i'll read this book too. It's must be so interesting. :3

Femke. a dit…

Never knew the excistance of this book, sounds interesting!
And I love that picture of Anna and Karl! :)

XOXF. - www.myfashion-expression.blogspot.com

HeyDahye a dit…

Oh, the first picture is priceless!


Lafashionfolie a dit…

what a beautiful book, the cover is so stylish.

Sophie x


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