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Depuis quelques temps, je voulais trouver des pinceaux de maquillage et j'ai trouvé mon bonheur... ce superbe étui : 24 brosses pour réaliser de beaux maquillages !

For few month, I wanted to find a lot of make up brushes and I have found my happiness... this great box: 24 brushes to create amazing make up!

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Jo. a dit…

Merci pour le compliment !
Si jamais tu as d'autres photos dans le style "squaw" fais moi signe =)

Disturbed Style a dit…

Great post! I love it :)

Fashion Translated a dit…

I love playing with makeup brushes -- there are so many great ones to choose from!

Fashion Translated

vintage process a dit…


Clara Turbay a dit…

It´s great to see your creativity in this blog.


V. a dit…

I want it!! it's so useful!!

btw I love almost all the shoes u put in the sales wishlist!! ;)

check out my blog if u get a second!!



Little Rus a dit…

Wonderful find! So many different brushes here, good enough for a make-up artists. :)

Fabliha a dit…

those brushes look amazing! Im jealous!



Style Servings a dit…

Oooh this looks so cool and professional! I've always wanted a big collection of professional make-up brushes!


Lau Figueiredo a dit…

I want on too!! :)


thekellytang a dit…

That's beautiful! What a great find! I need a bag for my brushes too!

Happy New Year to you too! :)

mari b. a dit…

oh wow! my jaw just literally dropped at the sight of that many brilliant make-up brushes!

if you’re interested – i’m hosting a pretty rad giveaway.
xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

Jo. a dit…

Tes pinceaux font vraiment envie!

PS: Je t'ai encore piqué quelques photos.

Fydez a dit…

Very nice and clean, I want it too! xx

RainCooper a dit…

I want those makeup brushes!

Anonyme a dit…

beatiful make up brushes!
I love Bobby Brown!


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