interview. Shini Park

Shini Park, is the pretty writer of Park&Cube, a anglo-korean blog with great ideas of fashion and outfits! I like read each articles, she's so inspiring for me...

Why have your started your blog?
I started my blog in 2008 while I was in my second year of uni, mostly out of boredom, but back then I was starting to take interest in dressing up and altering my clothes with small DIY projects. I thought it might be fun to share (before I was doing DIY photoshop tutorials!) and that's how I ended up opening my blog.

Your first fashion memory.
I remember buying a huge bag of studs back in 2009 when the studs trend was a rage. Also remember the first Chanel nail polish I bought was BLACK! 

How define your own style?
I always like to experiment with patterns and texture, but time and time again I realise that my style is very menswear inspired and tomboyish! I like tailored, clean looks.

Your last compulsive purchase.
The Isabel Marant Willow hidden-wedge high-tops in black. 

You have two minutes to get ready, what is your priority?
Eyeliner! Otherwise it's just jeans and t-shirt.

Your favorite travel destinations.
Paris and Seoul.

Your beauty routine.
I believe in layering skincare, so it goes like this: Pre-wash with Shu Uemura cleansing oil > wash with Philosophy facial cleanser > Toner > YSL forever youth liberator serum > AQUA EX Steam cream > BB Cream > Makeup! I know, it's quite full-on but I have really dry and sensitive skin so it really does help to give it some attention. 

What are your inspiration for photographies?
Anything and everything, I believe ordinary life translates beautifully into photographs.

Your shopping addresses to London.
Topshop Oxford Circus, Liberty's, Carnaby Street, Shoreditch.

What is the piece of your closet which you never separate from it?
My Uniqlo trenchcoat that works in every season - but mostly perfect for the constant London rain!

Thanks to Shini for her responses and her kindness!

blog. http://www.parkandcube.com/
twitter. @parkncube

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Great blog!

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great interview honey, nice to meet your blog!


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у вас очень интересный блог!)


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elle est magnifique

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