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Mary is a the Swiss blogger of fashionbirds. I find her outfit and style stunning and very elegant! I love read her blog each day...

Why have you started your blog?
I started blogging approximately 1,5 years ago, actually just for fun. It didn't take long until I got hooked and it became my daily routine. I love sharing my style inspirations and I love to get to know bloggers and their style from all over the world. That's a fantastic asset of blogging, plus I've got to know my own style much better and I dare to wear whatever I think suits me and I love experimenting...

What is your first fashion memory?
My first fashion memory is my mom using her YSL Rive Gauche perfume since I can remember. My mom told me then when I was really young that YSL is the best brand you can get. Ever since I have kind of a special relationship to YSL beauty products or fashion item. I can't get it out of my head anymore, that YSL is my mom's favorite (perfume) brand and I therefore I love it too.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 
I adore Karl Lagerfeld. Not only do I love his Chanel designs and his photography, also I find him an icon without whom the fashion world wouldn't be as it is today. I find him pretty funny as well and very, very stylish for his age.

What is the piece in your closet that you never separate from? 
I have a very well fitting black Burberry coat of which I never could get rid of. It is timeless, classy and it can be styled in so many different ways.

What is your essential basic?
I belive that there must be a few essential basics in every woman's closet... My personal favorite would be a simple silk blouse that simply goes with everything and always looks chic. Also, a very well fitting "Little Black Dress" is a must-have to me.

What kind of objects, accessories do you collect?
I'm defnitely high heel addicted; for me, shoe sale is the best time of the year. ;)

Who are your icons?
Definitely Brigitte Bardot, I am obsessed with her beauty and style from the 1960's and 1970's.

What are your shopping addresses in Switzerland?
Zurich's Niederdorf is a great place to go shopping and to find cute boutiques as well as fabulous bakeries. Zurich itself is a beautiful city.

How did you learn to take care of you? 
Taking care of oneself is a broad topic, generally spoken I try to eat healthy (I love cooking), I try to move as much as possible and - very important - I always remove my make-up before going to bed. :) Like most girls probably, my mom taught me her beauty essentials at a certain time. The rest I figured out myself by trying out. 

What go I find in your vanity, if I dig in? 
I'm not a vain person per se, I'm not ashamed walking around with no make-up and comfy clothes but I'd never deliberately leave the house sporting some serious fashion faux-pas. I have to feel comfortable and good in what I'm wearing.

Thanks to Mary for her kindness and this interview!

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She's pretty!
I have to check her blog now.

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(madein)Faro a dit…

She is so sweet :)
Thank you for the discovery and kisses from France !

Arden a dit…

She's so lovely... Thanks for sharing! xx

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Thanks for sharing. She looks stunning with her peplum skirt. Beautiful!

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Angela a dit…

La jupe est tres chic!J'adore
Angela Donava

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Great interview!!! Love your blog! I'd love for you to visit mine! Maybe we can follow each other!? :)


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both did it excellent! good interview°

k come karolina a dit…

cool!!! i love these photos!

xoxo from rome

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wow! Love her&love your blog.
Btw, I belive that you would really love to read my very opthymistic blog each day too. Just check it.xx

Annushka a dit…

Beautiful post, gorgeous photos! I love your blog, it's very interesting! Hello from Russia.

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This is such an amazing interview and I just found your blog and really like both of them. Great post, following you now


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she is so stunning

Style Diaries

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i really enjoyed that interview. thanks for sharing!

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