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Dès demain, et pendant quinze jours je vais publier exclusivement les défilés que j'ai préféré des collections automne/hiver 2013. Il y en aura deux par jour, une à 08h00, et une à 20h00. Passez une agréable quinzaine sous le signe de la fashion week!

Tomorrow, and during fourteen days I will publish exclusively my favorite fall/winter 2013 fashion shows. There will be two per day, one at 8am and one at 8pm. Have fun during two weeks under the sign of fashion week!

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Mia Dra a dit…

Hello! I really like your blog! :)

Btw. Could we follow each other? :)

Chai Chen a dit…

Can't wait for you to post your favorites. :)

Nice blog!
Hope we can follow each other.:)


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