interview. Cylia Herbertson

Cylia Herbertson is the pretty Dutch blogger on Cyliaaaa. Every day, she publish an outfit and she's always stunning! Very inspiring girl!

How define your own style?

I’d say feminine casual. Not sure if these two words can be combined together. But I’ve always preferred casual over any fancy dress. My style is based on whatever mood I’m in. I hardly ever think about what to wear the next day: I always change my outfit on the day itself. I love a good mix between feminine and casual. Wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt with black sandals or wearing sneakers with a fancy suit.
What is your favorite fashion designers?
I don’t have a favourite designer. But I really like Isabel Marant for her mix in casual and a touch of feminine.

What is the piece of your closet that you never separate from?
I’m pretty happy with not having any piece in my closet I can’t separate from. Life is more than just clothing.

What is your essential basic?
A basic white t-shirt.

How do you dress to party?
I like to not dress according to the dresscode. I usually just pick something and it ends up being good for the dresscode. I usually go for shoes first and then think about an outfit around it. I either go for a plain dress or jeans and a blazer.

What is your beauty routine?
I’m not a genius when it comes to beauty products. Right now I’m using brown matte eyeshadow with a gold touch to it, liquid eyeliner and mascara. I only use foundation when I go out, not for a daily use.

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration is mainly other people around me. I love discovering new blogs, and new interesting people to follow.

What are your favorite travel destinations?
I don’t travel much. I’d love to see a lot of places I’ve never been to. I’ve never really been someone that wants to travel the entire world. I’m pretty satisfied where I live right now and the people I surround myself with. If I was to travel more, I’d go with my sister or husband whether that is in Asia, America, Europe or wherever. I’m more of a relaxed and go with the flow person when it comes to travelling. So I’d rather go for a beach destination than a busy tour schedule.

Why have you started your blog?
I’ve started out my blog as an outlet for my feelings. I’ve always liked writing. In 2010 I found out about Lookbook.nu and a whole new world was opened to me. I loved to see these people taking pictures on the most creative ways. Soon after that I discovered blogs. I thought: ‘what an amazing way to show and share your life’. I started to follow a couple of blogs. My very first blog that I followed was Lust for Life by Olivia Lopez. She’s pretty amazing.
I remember in primary school where I lay out all my outfits for the upcoming week. People always loved me wearing new outfits. My blog roots definitely came all the way from primary school. I’ve always thought about my outfits and loved making new ones. So why not document it myself? I got excited about the whole idea. It was only natural for me to start my own blog.

Who is the person you really wish to meet?
I would love to one day meet Christina Centenera. She’s not only inspiring but something about her intrigues me.

Thanks to Cylia for her kindness!

blog. http://cyliaaaa.blogspot.nl/
twitter. @Cyliaaaa

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Clara Turbay a dit…

It is often good to receive style tips like yours.

LinasStyle a dit…

Lovely look, looking really pretty!!


Janet Mandell a dit…

Nice!!!! Your so sweet to blog about her!!!

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Naina a dit…

I love Cylia, she always has the cutest style but more than that, she seems so natural and original. She never puts on an act; she's cool the way she is!


jennifer a dit…

Great interview! Thx for this Xo


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