interview. Ronan Summers

Ronan Summers is the half Italian and American, based in Britan, fashion blogger of The Wild Swans. Not often to found a great blog of man, and I like his! Always inspirations and good ideas...

Why have you started your blog?
I've always had a passion for writing, and I've been inspired by many bloggers out there to actually start my own! It's going great and it gives me a lot of satisfaction, it's probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

How do you define your style? 
I don't think my style can be defined, I'm a bit of a chameleon and I love to change my clothes and the way I dress all the times, I could look very smart one day and more casual the other!

Your favorite designers? 
Burberry for sure! I just can't resist the brit-look. Christopher Bailey is a true genious and I always end up liking almost every piece of his collections. That's true love haha! I also love the french designers such as Balmain and Lanvin! Givenchy has grown to me a lot recently.
Your fetish accessory? 
Sunglasses! I love collecting them. The more expensive the better.

Your shopping addresses? 
I love shopping in Bond Street in London. It's just amazing and hard-core stuff if you love designers. Unfortunately that'd be a treat as my wallet won't let me. 

Your summer essentials on holidays? 
Once again, I'd say Sunglasses, a good book, my Iphone+Ipod! Can't live without them. 

How dress you to party? 
It depends what kind of party we are talking about, if it's a fancy one then I tend to use stand-alone blazers a lot, with trousers or jeans and a cool shirt or very expensive t-shirt! If it's just a typical friday night with friends then I dress very casual. Smart Shirt and jeans!

What is the person you really wish to meet? 
I'm not too sure, I think the list is quite big. All it comes to my mind at the moment are a few hotties from Models to Footballers. 

Your favorite travel destinations? 
If I want to relax I'd say anywhere that looks very exotic such as a beach in Thailand or Hawaii..if it's a city break then the US but Europe is great too! NY and London are amazing!!

What kind of objects you collected?
Sunglasses and I collect perfumes too. Love the shape of the different fragrances, my bathroom is like full of them! ha

Thanks to Ronan for his kindness and his availability!

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Angela a dit…

Un post tres interessant!J'aime beaucoup

Angela Donava

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interesting chap


Borjana a dit…

Wow!This is absolutely amazing honey!I enjoyed reading;)

Allison a dit…

Loved reading this!
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Van - PureGlam.tv a dit…

Very beautiful posting and great photos.. love it!

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Julia Percia David a dit…

Great interview! Could't stop myself to give my own answer to each of the questions! That means the interview is in fact, even more than great!


Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

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The Golden Girls a dit…

loved this interview :) she is BEAUTIFUL! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

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