interview. Lynne Gabriel

Lynne Gabriel is an american fashion blogger. She shows us her personal outfits like in a diary. She's always chic and elegant, and I like visit her blog each day!

Your first fashion memory?
I grew up in a fashion business. My mom has her own made-to-order shop back in the Philippines so I will constantly see dresses being made - casual, cocktail and bridal dresses. I guess those were my first fashion memories. Isee our designer sketching the designs and being made into reality. Thosewere awesome.

Your favorite fashion designers?
I don't tend to have favorite designers because I enjoy and wear stuff evenif they are non-designer brands.

What is the piece of your closet that you never separate from it?
A pair of skinny jeans. I guess that's my go-to piece for everyday wear andany casual occasion that I can get away with jeans.

How dress you to party?
It really depends on what type of party. I've gone to parties where I'm just wearing a casual dress but then there are also those that required me towear cocktail. So it really depends. :)

Your beauty routine?
Really simple. I wash my face every morning and night and I put a Nivea
moisturizer. I don't let make-up stay too long on my face also. Sometimes, Ialso put a cream under my eyes to lighten the dark circles.

Describe your style.
My style is chic, trendy, fun, and sometimes flirty :)

How did you learn to take care of you?
I guess it comes with growing up and finding inspiration from others.

What go I find in your vanity, if I dig in?
I think you will be disappointed. :) There's not too much. Perhaps just afew gold jewelries and a face powder. :)

Thanks to Lynne for this interview and her kindness!

blog. http://www.lynnegabriel.com/
twitter. @heyitslynneg

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Jerome C. a dit…

well, she has the style ;D
great catch<3

x Mr Brightside x a dit…

she looks really cool!! :D

love the post lovely


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