interview. Lisa Chenzhang

Lisa Chenzhang is the pretty australian blogger of devious studios. I like her style, blog atmosphere and her photographs are stunning!

How define your own style?
I guess I describe my style as city chic, although recently, I find my style constantly evolving. I love structured lines in clothing and heaps of architectural forms in fashion. I would also so say that black is my favourite colour =).
What is your favorite fashion designers?
Naming a few designers that reflect my style c
hoices would have to be Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang and some great aussie designers would include Ellery and Dion Lee.

What is your essential basic?
Hmmmm, probably say my contacts, I like to wear them as it gives me a lot more freedom to match my sunglasses!

How dress you to party?
I don't like too flashy or too short, which seems to be the party uniform here in Sydney. I like to wear outfits with killers kinks and quirks in them added with a pair of killer heels!

Your last compulsive purchase?
Alexander Wang Adele Clutch =) Result of a little break of staying overtime at the office.

What is your beauty routine?
I don't really have a beauty routine, which would explain all the random freckles and uneven skin tone I have. On the very basic, I wash my face with dermatalogica microscrub and use tony moly night whitening cream. When i'm bothered I'll use the shisedo 3 step daily gentle skin care range.

What are your inspiration?
Fashion blogs, street style, great photography the ocean, and beautifully designed buildings and TRAVEL! I always have a different take on life or have new ideas when I travel.

What are your favorite travel destinations?
New York, Seville in Spain, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, basically anywhere that is whimistical and full of culture and life! 

What go I find in your vanity, if I dig in?
Liptstick and contacts, my makeup collection is slowly growing too!

Thanks to Lisa for her kindness and to taking the time to respond my interview.

twitter. @deviousstudios

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